Looking for the right venue can be stressful. Finding the right place, setting and a great team to deliver your dream day isn’t always easy.

Here are my top tips for choosing that all important place to hold your special day.

It’s not always about the building

Sometimes the perfect venue isn’t just about the location or building. It can be about the wedding coordinator who works there.

Having a good connection with the person who is going to coordinate your special day is important. Your going to spend a lot of time talking to them and you need to be confident that they can deliver what you have agreed on.

Read the T&C’s

Sometimes you walk in to a venue and you just have that moment of ‘this is the one!’.

Its exciting but just remember to take a moment to think about things and read all the paperwork.

The last thing you want to be is tied into a contract and then realise you cannot afford the package on offer or that you need to invite 100 more people than you want to.

If what you want is slightly out of budget the venue may be able to offer you alternative options or days.

Venue Finder Sites

There are many wedding venue search engines which are great as they have an overview of the venue.

This is a really helpful tool as you can instantly see if the venue is suitable for you. There is no point in arranging a viewing if they cannot offer what you want.

Its a good idea to write down the pros and cons of each venue and go in for another viewing. Comparison tools can help if you are stuck between a couple of venues. Perhaps take a bridesmaid or someone who will be honest about which one they feel works best for you.

Hidden extras

Some venues include extras like chair covers, cake stands, easels etc which can help keep your budget down.

When choosing a venue ask if there are any hidden costs on top of the food and drink packages offered. If they do charge extra for these item check if you can provide your own as this maybe more cost effective

Happy venue hunting!


Did you know? Wyboston Lakes has three beautiful wedding venues to choose from and an onsite team of coordinators available to help you plan your day. For more information contact 01480 223009 or visit our website for more details. 

Nicola Sandelance, Celebrations & Events Coordinator