Thinking about tying the knot in Winter? Here are my top tips for giving your wedding a bit of festive sparkle…

Embrace all weather…. Come rain or shine winter weddings are fun!

If your wedding is taking place in winter then expect every type of weather but you can make it fun especially in your photos.

Pictures in the rain can be really effective, bright coloured wellies under yours and your bridesmaids dresses along with brightly coloured umbrellas, will create a fun photo.

Snowball fights are another great way of adding a winter’s touch your day but instead using real snow that could leave your guest looking a little chilly, use a good quality fake snow.

When in winter bring out the warm drinks

Winter weddings are the perfect opportunity to have something different at your drinks reception, think mulled wine or cider and hot chocolate with toasted marshmallows for the kids (…and big kids).

Again this also creates a great photo opportunity, having all your guests snuggled up with lovely warm drinks in hand against a picturesque winter backdrop.

It’s also a great way to warm people up if there will be some photos taken outside your venue(s).

Black Tie

Dressing up for a wedding is always fun so why not make your special day a black tie event. The men will look dashing and the ladies in your party will have an excuse to wear a fabulous dress, floor length dresses will also help to keep your female guests a lot warmer than they would be in a cocktail dress.

Finally black tie is a timeless look and always looks great in photos especially with a snowy background.

Time to sparkle

Take full advantage of the early dark evenings by lighting your venue with candles and fairy lights to create a sparkly festive finish.

If your venue has a pretty courtyard you can create some beautiful photos by giving your guests sparklers to use, it’s also great fun for all your guests.

Winter Wedding

Nicola Sandelance, Celebrations & Events Coordinator