Just got engaged and don’t know where to start with the planning? Here is my list of things to remember when planning your special day.

Do not commit to a venue without confirming with the registry office or church

A lot of venues will take a non-refundable deposit (normally a percentage of your final wedding cost). When you have found the perfect venue you can usually ask them to hold the date for a week until you have booked your ceremony. 

Do your research

shabby-chicIt may seem like common sense but when it comes to the theme so many brides pick the first items they see that match what they are looking for. 

There are a lot of companies out there that offer very similar items and some are at a fraction of the cost. Spend a couple of hours doing some research as it could save you lots of money. 

Remember it’s your wedding

wedding-cakeThe day is about celebrating you and your partners love for each other and the things you like.

You will get plenty advice from family and friends who have been married before but remember it’s about you two. So if you don’t want a six-tiered multi-coloured wedding cake you do not have to have it.

If you have really pushy relatives or parents that are paying for the wedding take their opinions and alter them to suit your theme more. Like a smaller cake or one with a little bit of colour in.

6 & 12 month rulewedding guests

When it comes to your guest list it can be daunting and expensive with the amount of people you know so stick with the 6 & 12 month rule.

If you haven’t spoken to them in 6 or 12 months should they really be at the whole day? If you do want them at your wedding perhaps just invite them to the evening reception. 

You cannot do everything

You will have lot of ideas and whilst it’s exciting, you cannot do everything.

For example, if you want food stalls instead of having a full street carnival, just pick a couple of your favourites. It will save you money and stress levels of organising it all.

The little details

small-detailsAll those months of planning have come down to the final couple of weeks; and you have forgotten to buy that candle for the end of the bar. Do not worry, you will be the only person who knows they are not there.

Don’t let the little things bog you down. Enjoy your day and the people who are there to celebrate with you.

Nicola Sandelance, Celebrations & Events Coordinator