Planning an event? Whether you are throwing a special birthday party or organising a gala dinner. Follow my top tips for planning a memorable event. 

Set a budget

The first thing you need to consider is your budget. It’s a good idea to add all the elements of the event into a spreadsheet (e.g venue, food, decorations, invites) and update regularly to ensure you aren’t going over budget on any aspect.  

Complete your guest list before looking for venues.

It might not be possible to know exactly how many people will come (you will always have people drop out) but an idea of numbers will help your search for a venue. 

Don’t plan too far in advance (6 months is enough)

6 months is plenty of time to plan your event, it gives people enough notice to keep the date free.

Be flexible 

You may have a certain look and feel in your head but it might not be possible to deliver within your budget. Your suppliers may be able to produce a similar effect by slightly tweaking your original idea. 

Set a theme

Themes are a great way of making your event memorable. Once you have set your theme it needs to flow throughout the whole event from your invites and dress code to the decor of the room and even the food that is being served. 


If you are sending out invites it’s a good idea to include a separate page with the additional information. It gives you the space to go into the finer details without impacting on the invite design.  

Confirm everything by email 

When speaking to suppliers confirm everything by email, this way you have everything record if the unfortunate happens and they do not provide the service promised.

Get ready with friends

Start enjoying the event from the moment you start to get ready, this will make the evening more enjoyable and fun

Enjoy the evening

You have spent months planning this event, now it is the night so enjoy it! All the hours that have been put in and decisions made cannot be changed now so let your hair down and enjoy your hard work.

Nicola Sandelance, Celebrations & Events Coordinator