Our Venue Assistants help to ensure that all the venues at Wyboston Lakes Resort are ready for the arrival of conferencing guests.  We spent the day getting to know Irene and Hayley to find out more about the role and their day to day duties. 

Typical day

At 7am we start our shift. The first thing we do is check the sheet to see who is coming in and what they need for the day. We write out our own copy which is helpful for us but also if a guest doesn’t know where they need to be, we can show them.

Venue Support Assistants

Then we turn on all the coffee machines and fill them up so they are ready for the day. Making sure everything is clean, tidy and that all the apples, biscuits and tea ready to go for our guests. Throughout the day we check each coffee station and keep it replenished and clean.

Some jobs that are done daily and weekly to make sure everything is always clean and to the standard our customers expect.

When our guests have buffets as part of their events, we help to lay these out and clear them away.

Our job is really varied so every day is different. If guests ask us for anything we always help them, show them where to go or find someone else who can help.

Before leaving at 3pm we make sure we are prepared for what is happening the next day. Including setting up any of the rooms ready for the evening and leaving our handover notes for the evening shift. Its important in this job to stay organised and stay on top of things.

Wyboston hot seat questions

How long have you been working at Wyboston Lakes?

Irene: I have been here for 15 years

Hayley: I have been here for 8 months, I started in Housekeeping but saw this job and thought it would suit me perfectly.

If you had to describe Wyboston Lakes, what would you say?

Irene: Hardworking, lovely clients and greet to meet people

Hayley: Friendly, great team and busy

What is the best part of your job?

Irene: I really like talking to the guests and how varied the job is

Hayley: Yes it’s lovely to chat to guests and we like working together in a team. Irene has taught me so much and I am still learning.

What do you do to make sure our guests have a memorable experience at Wyboston Lakes?

Irene: We always make sure we treat our customers as we want to be treated ourselves. We often have guests revisit and they appreciate it when we recognise them. We make sure they have everything they need and if we can’t sort it ourselves, then we find someone who can.

Hayley: I really like to help people to make sure they have everything they need. We keep everything clean and organised so it all looks good for the guests.

If you could pick anything on the Waterfront Bar menu, what would you pick?

Irene: I haven’t been yet but I always love a steak

Hayley: Yes I would love a steak or maybe a burger.

If you could pick any treatment at the YSpa, which would you pick?

Irene: I’m not sure…

Hayley: I would definitely pick a massage