Ever wanted to know where the fresh sheets and fluffy bath towels that are in your room come from? We did, so we spent the day getting to know Traian, our Linen Porter, to find out more about the role and day to day duties. 

Typical day

I usually start work at 8.00am. The first thing I do is check our storage to see what we need to re-stock such as shampoo, linen, towels etc.

Linen-PorterThen I check the deliveries and sort into the right sections on the shelves so the housekeeping team can easily find everything. I then take the delivery to all our different sites and pick up the dirty laundry as well.

At the laundry, I collect the clean towels and deliver these to the different sites and the gym using the linen buggy to drive around the site.

Sometimes if I am able to help, I go to the empty bedrooms to strip the laundry which helps the housekeeping team. Every day is a little bit different and I like to get involved and help in lots of different areas. I finish my shift at 4.30pm but I always make sure I leave when I have finished what I am doing. I don’t believe you should ever leave something for the next day because you don’t know what tomorrow will bring.

Wyboston hot seat questions

How long have you been working at Wyboston Lakes?

Just over a year

If you had to describe Wyboston Lakes, what would you say?

Great teamwork – Always people willing to help – Good communication

What is the best part of your job?

I really take pride in my work. I like the make sure everything is organised for the rest of the team and like to train people in better ways to do things. There is a lot of variety in my job. It is busy and different from day to day.

What do you do to make sure our guests have a memorable experience at Wyboston Lakes?

I always say good morning or good afternoon to guests. I also offer to help with bags or point people in the right direction if they are lost. It is really important to give good customer service to everyone.

If you could pick anything on the Waterfront Bar menu, what would you pick?

I would pick the braised and rolled lamb shoulder.

If you could pick any treatment at the YSpa, which would you pick?

Well I probably need a manicure because my hands have been worked hard but I would also like a massage.