Jamie-MeddingsJamie has been with Wyboston Lakes for over five years and is the Conference and Banqueting Manager at our Training Centre venue. We spent some time getting to know him better… 

Typical day

I generally work the late shift as it fits round my childcare.  Usually arriving at 1.30pm ready to start my shift at 2pm.

First thing I do is get a full handover from the early Conference & Banqueting Manager so that I am fully up to speed with whatever is going to happen in the evening.  As I like to ensure everything is organised and taken care of.  

After events I like to catch up with the trainer or organiser before their departure and gather verbal feedback straightaway.  I also look at booking.com and check reviews from delegates. Its great to see positive feedback about the service we provide here. 

The fun really starts when it is a wedding or celebration.  I like working closely with the celebrations team to ensure these large scale events go to plan. I also like to meet the bride and groom beforehand as I will be their main point of contact on the day.

My shift finishes about 11pm.  As it is drawing to a close I ensure everything is ready for the next shift and give a handover to the night team about any tasks that need to be done for the morning and any incidents during the day.

My favourite part of my job is looking after team morale.  I feel that if my team are happy and enjoying what they do, I can guarantee the client will have a good day.

Wyboston hot seat questions

How long have you been working at Wyboston Lakes?

5 years. Initially I worked on night reception and then was promoted to C&B Manager.

If you had to describe Wyboston Lakes in 3 words, what would you say?

Fun, professional, exciting.  I love working here.

What is the best part of your job?

The comradery between the team and departments here at the Training Centre.  I get on with everyone. The team here are a very close unit and that is why the team turnover is so good.

What do you do to make sure our guests have a memorable experience at Wyboston Lakes?

I try to put our guests at ease and, particularly for our leisure guests, it is important that they have fun.  For delegates that come here for training, I make their stay stress-free.

If you could pick anything on the Waterfront Bar menu, what would you pick?

Steak. Definitely steak. I am a steak man.

If you could pick any treatment at the Y spa, which would you pick?

A full deep tissue massage would be excellent, although I am tempted by the Hot Stones