Lizzie, has been a part of the Wyboson Lakes team for over four years, working within the meetings and events team. We spent a day getting to know her better. 

Typical day

Lizzie-(3)I usually arrive around 8 or 9am in the morning. The first thing I do is put the kettle on. Then I switch on my computer and check my diary for any appointments and tasks for that day and see what I need to chase up.

Once I have done that, I check if any new enquiries have come into the sales email account and then I forward those emails onto the relevant team for them to pick up. I read any handover notes from the operational teams to check how any events that were on have gone and see if there is any feedback from the clients.

Then it’s time to start working on any new enquiries we have. I send out contracts, review contracts coming back and chase anything that needs a decision. I also forward any relevant paperwork to our Accounts team. Sometimes I have site visits, meetings with clients and events to visit. Eating is also a big part of my day. I usually have lots of food on my desk.

Lizzie-(2)On an event day I would usually meet with the guest just after they arrive. I like to let them settle in and then I arrange a meeting usually around lunch time to introduce myself and check everything is ok with their booking. Sometimes I help reception with any changes to rooming lists, especially when it is busy.

I like to leave the operational team to look after my guests after my initial meeting but I am on hand for any last minute changes or to offer advice.


Before I go home, I check my filing is done and make a to-do list for the next day so I don’t forget what I am doing. I then shut down my computer and head home, usually around 5 or 6pm.

Wyboston hot seat questions

How long have you been working at Wyboston Lakes?

4 ½ years

If you had to describe Wyboston Lakes in 3 words, what would you say?

Fun, Busy, and (always) Growing

What is the best part of your job?

The people. Everybody here is really helpful as we are all working to the same end result. Sometimes it can be tense in the office when it is really busy but we all help each other and are a happy team. If there is a challenge we all work together to fix it

What do you do to make sure our guests have a memorable experience at Wyboston Lakes?

I work really hard for all my guests because I want their event to be successful. I spend a lot of time with them beforehand getting as much detail and information from them as possible so I can hand it over to the operational team. It is important that I know what we can and can’t offer so sometimes I have meetings with the operational team to make sure we can provide something we have been asked for (or provide a good alternative).

If you could pick anything on the Waterfront Bar menu, what would you pick?

Definitely the pork belly bites

If you could pick any treatment at the YSpa, which would you pick?

The Neom Experience.