So I’m back for the last time and this blog is the most important one. Why? Because this will show if the products I have been using have improved my skin…

I booked myself in for a final skin scan with the lovely Lauren and I took the first skin scan results back in May to compare.

My results

As shown at my first skin scan my skin was at a reasonable level, but my sun damage had room to improve.

For the past 4 months, I have been using the products suggested at the initial skin scan and below are the results…

To watch the full scan click here.

Fact and figures

  Before (May 2017) After (Sept 2017)
Wrinkles 12.734% 10.521% (↓ 2.213%)
Pigmentation 11.765% 7.800% (↓ 3.965%)
Redness 0.000% 1.333% (+ 1.333%)
Inflammation 0.000% 0.000% (no change)
Pores 3.775% 5.140 (+ 1.365%)


Overall I have reduced my pigmentation which was caused by previous sun damage AFTER-PIGMENTATIONby a fantastic 3.965% which I am very happy about. This was the one area I was really interested in finding out as you can’t tell from just looking at your skin.

The Essential C Daily Renewal Complex at £86 may be quite expensive but to have reduced my skin damage by this much in a short amount of time, it’s worth investing in.  


AFTER-WRINKLESMy wrinkles have reduced by 2.213% which again is great news. I had noticed my eye area becoming a lot smoother and brighter which is always a bonus at 28! Going forwards Lauren suggested I focus my eye face cream application on a larger area around my eyes and my lip area.


AFTER-PORESInterestingly my pore count has increased by 1.365% but Lauren assured me this number is relatively low so it isn’t something to worry about. However, to help with reducing pores Lauren recommended the new Hydro-Glow Aqua Peel Mask which will give my face a deep clean and help to remove stubborn dirt in my pores.


AFTER-REDNESSDue to one broken capillary, my redness has unfortunately increased by 1.333%. Whilst this isn’t noticeable I will be sampling the new Murad redness therapy range to see if it helps to reduce my redness.

What I’ve noticed …

I definitely feel like my skin is a lot softer than before. When I am not wearing makeup I have noticed how brighter and toned my complexion has become. Overall I am really pleased with the results. I will definitely keep using these products and maybe invest in the new Hydro-Glow Face Mask.

My top three products are the Instant Radiance Eye Cream, Essential C Renewal Complex and Essential C Day Moisturiser. If you want to find out more about your skin health or are just looking for a new skincare regime I would absolutely recommend a skin scan, especially if you are worried about any sun damage you may have.  

Shop my routine

All the products used are available to purchase via our online shop, simply click the image below to buy:

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Clare Webb, Creative & Digital Marketing Executive