As the festive season approaches we put a great deal of effort into present buying for our loved ones and cooking the perfect festive feast.

We fill our home on Christmas day with scents of cinnamon, spice apple, mulberry, cranberry, orange and succulent meat that tantalises your taste buds and fuels your Christmas spirit.

This festive season why not invest in some beautifully festive fragrances for the home?

1-joyful-glow_box_candleThe the Joyful Glow candle from Elemis (£27.50) at the front door and let the beautiful arrangement of warming Cinnamon, Orange and Vanilla fill the air giving you that ‘ooohhh what’s that smell’ remark and feeling that Christmas is here.

Pssst… this is available on our online shop. Click here to purchase. 


In the living room why not try the NEOM3-wick-christmas-wishfamily the Three wick Christmas Wish candle from Neom (£45.00) will remind you a freshly baked Christmas cake. The soothing blend of 13 essential oils will not only make you feel festive but will also calm and de-stress the mind.

If the smell of Christmas cake makes you feel too hungry, try the Perfect Peace Collection 1 Wick Candle and Room Mist (£45.00 for 30ml)- this scent is a beautiful array of Pine, myth and Lime peel which will lift your mood and provide a shortcut to a calm and stress free home. This scent collection also comes in the Perfect Peace 3 Wick burner (£45.00) for a deeper aroma.

NEOM perfect-nights-sleep-pillow-mist-30ml-both_2But don’t forget the haven we call our bedroom, this room can get neglected over the Christmas period and becomes the place where we simply just sleep. However this is the most important room and the one you take your stress to! Why not add a spritz of Perfect Night Sleep pillow mist (£20.00 for 30ml) ) to relax you in that perfect deep sleep we all desire at this festive time.


Nothing is more welcoming or relaxing than a beautiful fragrance in the air at Christmas so treat your home this Winter.

All of these products are available to purchase at Y Spa, just speak to one of the Y Spa Angels who will be able to help you.