Emma-Jane is the Spa Director at Wyboston Lakes, has 30 years experience within the spa sector and is the driving force behind Y Spa.

From hectic mornings with the family to meeting with product houses, Emma-Jane takes us through her average day. 

My alarm goes off at 5.30 am…

In truth, I am usually awake as my gorgeous cats seem to like to wake me up at 5 am for a cuddle.tea-and-breakfast

Once the alarm has sounded though I am up straight away. I love the 30 mins peace and quiet to brew the first of many strong cups of tea and contemplate the day ahead.

After the peace is shattered by my delicious family and my mummy head is firmly in place the morning unfolds! I have found to my distinct pleasure that I can braid hair, test German grammar and discuss philosophical debates like “who stole the hairbrush”.

All this before 7.30am…and still arrive at work with a smile on my face.

I got my job

I have been in spa my whole working life, which surprisingly I find is now three decades – how did that happen?

After training as a holistic therapist I worked at Ragdale Hall Health Hydro where I became the Spa Operations Manager. Then I opened the Life House in Essex before joining Wyboston Lakes and opening the Y Spa.

My typical day

At 5:45, whilst the tea is brewing I review of the handovers and figures from yesterday to track how we are performing. 

On arrival I meet the team and discuss any the day with the Spa Manager on duty and the technical services team.Y Spa Angels

Day to day operations are mostly handled by the Spa Manager. Whilst I concentrate on the future strategy for sales and ensure technical services have planned maintenance and spa equipment services.

I cannot spend a day just in the office as I need to feel the mood and delight of the guests. Often I can be found in the spa doing tours, satisfaction checks and making calls to guests about special occasions.

During the week I also attend regular meetings regarding operations, leadership and maintaining health and safety standards. I also meet with the product houses we have at Y Spa and sometimes have to sample and treatments. Oh what a challenge those days are! 

Most memorable day

A private day for a beautiful bride getting married on New Year’s eve. She took over the whole spa and we wanted her to feel like a princess for the day so we totally went OTT and she loved it. 

Worst day

Equipment failure days …despite exceptional efforts from our maintenance team we can sometimes we can lose a facility in the spa. It’s hard when you have to disappoint guests especially when they are celebrating something.

Best days

Every day…I know it sounds corny but I love the team and together every day we create something spectacular and personal.

Home lifehome

My guilty pleasure is to curl up on the sofa with a glass of wine in front of a box set.

I do need space when I stop work to decompress from all the people energy. I find music a complete must and have really eclectic tastes from Led Zep to Norah Jones.

My Plan B

I have a dream job so who needs a plan B.

If you push me I would maybe say Training as I love to learn and share knowledge.