Retinol – Is it for me?

Simply, yes. Less simply, retinol is used largely in the skincare industry and you must be careful of which retinol products are best.

Retinol is an element from the Vitamin A family and is a hero product for our skin. When used correctly, products containing retinol increase healthy cell turnover. Vitamin A is a micronutrient, this means that is something that our body cannot manufacture itself. Therefore, we have to include it in our lifestyles. Mostly, a healthy balanced diet would include Vitamin A. This can be found in food products such as green leafy vegetables, eggs and fish.

The most important thing to remember in skincare is that your skin is largest organ of the human body but it is also the last organ to receive what the body absorbs. Consequently, just relying on a healthy diet to have wonderful skin health will not be realistic.

A brief history of retinol, as we know it today

The study of retinoic acid being used to treat skin and acne of the skin was first announced in 1943. By the end of the 1950s, retinoic acid was developed by dermatologists to use on breakouts. Continuing to 1983, retinoic acid was raved about as a product to control skin’s natural aging process.

So far so good for retinoic acid. Then by the 1900s, it started to receive a bad reputation for increasing the sensitivity of the skin and causing irritation. The opposite of what it was developed to achieve. As dermatologists and skin specialists researched more into retinoic acid, its benefits and consequences, they soon realised how powerful it can be.

Fast forward to today and retinoids are divided into two forms: Retinoic Acid and Retinol. Retinoic Acid is prescription only and used to medically treat acne. Whereas, Retinol is a milder form and is used widely in cosmeceutical products.

Currently, the skincare community are divided between people who absolutely love retinol and those who have some more negative reviews towards the products. Retinol is raved about for its genuine real results of reducing fine lines and wrinkles but people are still concerned with the sensitivity.

So which Retinol products are good?

Introducing Dr MURAD’s Retinol product range. It is no wonder why MURAD’s Retinol products are the #1 Retinol products in the U.S. “Murad has perfected the science of Retinol with this breakthrough anti-ageing serum, powered by its exclusive Retinol Tri-Active Technology. This potent formula quickly and visibly minimises the appearance of lines and deep wrinkles, whilst helping to firm and even skin tone, to reveal dramatically younger-looking skin.”

Using this tri-active technology and moderate percentages of retinol, these products can be a game changer for your skincare routine. There have been many times when I have heard people say “there’s nothing you can do for my skin, it’s too far past help.” or “I won’t alter my skincare routine because I know what I know and nothing else will change that”. However, when prompted the question “But are you happy with your skin?” they will hesitate or they will say no.

Why settle for a skincare routine that is not creating the results you want? Why settle for being unhappy with your skin? Come in to the Y Spa for a skin consultation with one of our skincare specialists and walk away with greater knowledge of your own skin.