Conferences are crucial to an organisation to inform and inspire both customers and employees.

Due to technology we rely more and more on communicating by email, phone or skype and actually getting groups of people together in person can really add value to your business.

To encourage effective communication amongst employeesteambuilding

A conference is a great way to communicate any large operational or structure changes. This can not only help to build morale but also provides a great team building opportunity. 

Launch new products and services

If you are adding a new product or service line to your offering a conference is a great way to brief both customers and staff. It also enables you to demonstrate products at the same time.

Share and exchange new information

You can build stronger relationships in person, conferences provide the perfect backdrop for colleagues to get together and share best practice and industry insights. 

Even the tiniest gain in efficiency and effectiveness could have an impact on your bottom line.

Plan company strategies

Get the best out of your customers and staff with a brainstorming session to help develop new ideas for either marketing, products or services.

Sell new procedures and implementations to your team by presenting why they are important.

Inspire your team

keynotespeakerChoosing a great keynote speaker can increase employee morale and boost productivity.

There are many great speakers to choose from. You can either have someone from your industry or a motivational speaker to leave your delegates feeling inspired. 

Review the year and celebrate successes

An annual conference is a great way to review how you have done and set your goals and KPI’s for the next year.

It’s also the perfect opportunity to celebrate your successes and reward your employees with an end of year bash. 

The most rewarding end to a successful conference is to see your people left informed, empowered and inspired. 


images taken at Experience Why an event held at Wyboston Lakes in October 2016.
Laura Footner, Senior Business Development Manager