In order to run any successful business, great teamwork is a necessity. It promotes flexibility, responsiveness and a sense of achievement – all essential for a motivated workplace. We believe that team building not only improves morale, but it creates trust and can help develop and equip staff with skills such as problem-solving and communication.

Where To begin

Whilst there is an endless list of activities to choose from for those all-important team building days, sometimes it’s difficult to know where to begin. This is where we come in. Here at Wyboston Lakes, not only can you feel confident in handing over the responsibility and logistics of planning a team-building event, but you can rest assured that our staff and specialist centres have the experience and facilities required to ensure the best, most positive and long lasting results.

Our Favourites

We’ve put together some of our favourites that we often see at our venues. Ride Leisure, is also based on site and works closely with us and our clients to ensure they get the most out of each event.

All of the following activities require little or no equipment, cost very little, can involve everyone and best of all you can get started right away!

Take What You Need

This game is great as an icebreaker to get the team ready for a fun day ahead. Team members must each stand in a circle and pass a roll of toilet paper around, each taking a chosen amount, or ‘what they need’.

Once this is done, we go round the circle and each person must count up their squares of paper and say a fact about themselves for each piece they have. It’s a simple game but you’ll be surprised with what people come up with when they accidentally take 10 sheets!

One lie, two truths

This activity is perfect for smaller groups or pairs. It requires team members to write down three interesting facts about themselves, and then take it in turns to read them out to the group/other person. However, one of these ‘facts’ must be a lie. The rest of the team must decide between them which statement is the untruth. A competitive edge can be added by awarding points when the correct answer is given.

The Rope Game

This is all about communication within a small group. The team members stand in front of a large circle of rope and once blindfolded are challenged to create different shapes from the rope such as triangle, square or even a straight line. This game is a lot of fun and highlights the natural leaders and followers within a group whilst developing trust and confidence in each other.

Who to save?

Making a constructive argument in a team is an important skill, along with being able to listen, critique and adopt other people’s ideas in a positive manner. This activity brings these skills together in a fun and entertaining way.

The team members, once split into groups, are presented with a number of ‘people’ including the likes of supermodel, soldier, pregnant woman, small boy, Doctor and an old couple.

The scenario is that everyone is on a sinking ship (including the team members) and the lifeboat will only hold a certain amount of people. Which of the group, including the team members, should be saved and why? The aim is for each group to constructively argue their point and find a mutual solution.

We’ve seen some fantastic reasoning in our time including the supermodel being saved because her disappearance will be noticed so people will look for the boat!