Where to start?

Sometimes the prospect of creating exciting events is a daunting one. With so many variables to get right: venue, location, food options, content, speakers. To name just a few. Equally as a venue providing flexible event space, a positive atmosphere, and good facilities is key. Some factors are more important than others. But every event organiser should have a clear outcome they wish to achieve as a starting point.

Keeping people engaged.

It’s inevitable that you have planned breaks during the event. Time away from listening is important, but also can be a time where people become less engaged with your event. But, it can be a time to get delegates moving, networking and thinking in different ways about the content. Exciting events can stem a lot from how delegates feel. With space to hear different perspectives, time to enjoy a re-fuel, and be around like-minded people they may take more from the event.

Creative Spaces
The Apple Lounge at The Woodlands Event Centre.

The recently transformed Woodlands Event Centre. With four great creative spaces, delegates can express their thoughts easily, with other people. The Apple Lounge is the perfect place for exciting events to come alive with debates and conversations between people.

Fuel the day, and the people.

What does this mean? Giving delegates a dining experience that enhances their day. Food trends change regularly, so as an organiser it’s important to ensure that you choose a venue that cares about creative food options. Simple things like adding colour, flavour and excitement through food can do great things for your event.

The Olive Restaurant
The Olive Restaurant at The Woodlands Event Centre

The Olive Restaurant is a major part of The Woodlands Event Centre transformation. A clay oven in the heart of the food market is a great feature piece, producing wonderful pizzas, but many other exciting food options are available.

Interaction can create excitement.

Communication is an important part of events. Before, is a great way to create a buzz about your content. During, exciting events keep delegates engaged and organisers are at the forefront of that. After, staying in contact, answering questions, and creating lasting business connections is hugely important.

The last thing you want is a separation between yourself and delegates. But equally a separation between delegates can mean the atmosphere of the event isn’t correct. But how do you you make these steps to interact? In today’s world there are many tools. Social media, invite attendees to a group on Facebook, give yourself the opportunity to create excitement over event content before it begins. Also, give delegates the chance to get to know one another.

Are you excited?

Exciting events don’t revolve just around the above mentioned. Many variables making up an event, but thinking outside of the box can be a way for you, as an organiser, to create lasting impressions. As a delegate? Take the opportunity if it comes your way, speak to people, enjoy the thought process about the food options, and connect outside during breaks.

If you’re interested in taking a look at The Woodlands Event Centre, pictured above, click here. A recent transformation has incorporated some of what’s been mentioned today, and is now a truly forward thinking venue.