Networking events are the perfect place for meeting new contacts, building on current relationships and getting new ideas.

However, networking can be a little intimidating for people who aren’t used to doing it so I have collated a few of my top tips to help you at your next event. 

Be Approachable

Sounds simple but it is one of the most important things to remember when networking. 

Make eye contact, be smiley, introduce yourself and the rest will follow.


However you decide to break the ice, once you are talking with some one ensure you give people time to share their story and talk about what they do.

Even if you may not be able to help them achieve what they need to perhaps you can put them in touch with someone who’d be useful.

Have a elevator pitch ready 

Its good practice to have a small pitch ready for events say 1/ 2 mins about what you do and where you work, what clients you work with and your goals for the event.

Make sure you practice it before the event so you don’t end up rambling. 

Build rapport

The people who are willing to have a conversation rather than working the room are the ones who stay in people’s minds. Whilst it is a business event, we are all human so find some common ground and work from there. 

Follow up – ALWAYS

Send an effective follow up email once the event is over to help create a connection that could develop into a strong relationship. Make sure you express your appreciation and mention some of the topics you spoke about on that day.

We hope you have found these handy tips useful and will try them out at your next networking event. Good luck!

Rosie Ackerman, Business Development Executive