Better engagement means better productivity. Studies show that companies with engaged employees can outperform those without by over 200%. 

Manager & Employee Relations

Most employees say that the relationship with their immediate supervisor is key to how engaged they feel.

The attitude and actions of the immediate supervisor can enhance employee engagement or can create an atmosphere where an employee becomes disengaged.

Employees want to feel that their personal values are reflected and that the organisation cares about how they feel. This starts with their immediate supervisor.


Poor communication is often cited as one of the main reasons why employees resign. It is important to let your workforce know what is going on behind the scenes, how the company is performing, and how they have been a part of it.

Wyboston Lakes Ltd hold a Progress & Prospects conference every 6 months and every member of staff is invited, so that they can be kept up to date on the company performance and as well as any relevant news, this really helps us to feel that we are all part of one team and the contribution of every staff member is important to the overall success of the business. 

Team Building Events 

Corporate team building days and events are not restricted to large organisations.

Team building days and events are the most effective ways of increasing levels of engagement within an organisation. 

Pride in working for the company

Employees that are proud to be part of what you are trying to achieve will go above and beyond their job role to promote the company at all times.

Teams that are passionate about what they do and who they work for perform better and generate superior customer service.

The benefits of having an engaged workforce go far beyond the potential growth.

Employee Satisfaction/Staff retention

Engaged employees are committed to making the business a success and promote and support the company’s mission, strategy and brand.

These employees are also far more likely to stay with the company which saves in recruitment. Businesses that have a highly engaged workforce have an increased ability to attract new, qualified employees.


Engaged employees are passionate about what they do and therefore are more likely to strive to create new products, processes or services, to improve the ways in which things are done which often leads to innovation in the workplace.

Productivity & Profitability

Engaged employees are generally more productive and committed to ‘going the extra mile’.

The more productive and efficient your employees are the lower your operating costs may become increasing the profit margin.

Could your business benefit from a better-engaged workforce? 

Kelly Rowland, Business Development Executive