Conferencing: some important factors.

Conferencing like everything, changes over time. There are always constants in what a company or individual expect when booking a conference. But for the most part conferences are unique events. A conference held twenty to thirty years ago would in no way shape or form be the same as one held in the present day. The outcome remains the same. Organisers want to deliver a conference which is memorable, leaving delegates feeling as though they got some value from the event.

Many years ago a conference or meeting would be a group of people conversing around a campfire. Learning from one another or from one designated speaker. Fast forward and technology, new concepts, purpose built spaces have enabled conference organisers to host meetings for thousands of people at one time. Include the notion of videoconferencing and this number grows exponentially. But what does the future hold for conferencing?

Can we expect a re-wind in trends whereby people prefer a more personal conference. Or does the world of ever improving technology mean that face-to-face conferences become more irregular? In terms of delegate experience I feel the former is the most beneficial, but it’s clear that technology is becoming more important in conferences.

Personal Interaction at a Conference
Personal Interaction at a Conference

A Recent Survey:

We recently done a survey asking people what they considered to be most important, other than cost, when booking a venue for their conference. The top three answers were:

  1. High quality technology and support
  2. Good customer service
  3. Quality of food on offer

Whilst technology did reach the top spot and is clearly a driving force in today’s conferencing needs, conference bookers recognise that on-site support just as key. Likewise the other two factors which built up the top three answers rely heavily on the staff at the venue. Although things like videoconferencing have grown and become more widely used, it’s clear that face-to-face conferencing supported by a great staff base is key to a successful conference.

By no means should videoconferencing be disregarded. It is a fantastic tool especially if geographically being at a conference isnt possible. But, interaction in person feels more valuable. Organising a conference with a venue, with the relevant technology, food, atmosphere and customer service is something which should be embraced in the future of conferencing.

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