Conferences are a great place to pick up new skills, learn about new trends in your sector and give you a great opportunity to make valuable networking contacts.

It can be difficult to justify the time out of the office, however, you can’t conquer the world from behind your desk it’s important to get out there. Below are my top reasons for why you should attend and how to get the most from the event.

Fantastic networking opportunities and new connections

Meeting people in the same industry as you is a great way to help accelerate your career or find out more about an industry you are looking to join. After the conference, you may find that people will recommend you to someone else in their network.  networking

You can build stronger relationships in person and it gives you the opportunity to show off your personality. Make sure you take lots of business cards with you and follow up via LinkedIn or email within a few days.

Check to see if the event has its own hashtag. This will help you get involved with the conversation during the event and connect you with other delegates. 

Go offline 

In today’s tech-driven business world it can be easy to forget what its like to talk to a real person. Networking helps you to hone your social skills and helps involve everyone in the topic at hand.

Meeting in person can also help you to build trust and gain further insight into your contacts personality.

Technology cannot replace the personal touch. 

Encourage new ways of thinking / learn new skills

Meeting people in similar roles can give you a fresh perspective on how to overcome any challenges you face. Conferences tend to have workshops about speakersindustry challenges along with a thought-provoking keynote speaker.

Keynote speakers are specialists in their field and provide insight on challenges they have experienced and how they overcame them.   

Ahead of the event review the agenda and plan out your visit to experience the best range of workshops. 

Make sure you take a notepad, pen or tablet with you so you can take notes. 

Giving back to your industry by being an active member

Been in your chosen sector for a while? It’s great to share knowledge, you will have valuable insights to pass on helping other to thrive. 

But most importantly, have fun and enjoy yourself. 

images taken at Experience Why an event held at Wyboston Lakes in October 2016.
Krishan Pankhania, Business Development Manager