Since its release a mere four years ago, Snapchat has grown immensely in popularity. In the past it was considered an app for teenagers, however, more recently, companies and business people alike have begun to notice the power of the new social media platform. If you don’t use the app, but have an interest for business, here’s a list of great people to follow for business advice, which may help you to get more value out of the platform.

The Entrepreneur; Gary Vaynerchuk


Gary Vaynerchuk is a Russian entrepreneur and public speaker who has been discoursing about all things business related for years. His Snapchat channel reveals the same messages he has been preaching about in his public talks. He is particularly known for giving tips on entrepreneurship, marketing and self-promotion.

The Reviewer; Justin Kan


Justin is well known from; a live video streamed from a camera attached to his head. His Snapchat is worth following if you’re interested in product reviews and information.

The Funny Businessman; Mark Suster


Mark is a venture capitalist, but uses Snapchat to connect with others by offering business advice and tips in a witty and fun way. He also spent many years growing his own business, so he’s worth a follow simply for the experience level he brings to the conversation.

The Marketer; Noah Kagan


Noah was employee number 30 at Facebook… before he got fired. He then founded two amazing apps for growth online; AppSumo and SumoMe. His Snapchat consists of a lot of useful marketing tips, and his thoughts on growth and entrepreneurship. Though he didn’t get off to a good start in the business world, he’s come back and reminds us that second chances are real.