We understand the importance of a venue, and what effect that can have on our event delegates and pride ourselves on having beautiful facilities, guaranteed to meet your conference needs.

We also have a few tips and tricks for you, to ensure they’re entertained and engaged throughout your event!

Plan, Plan, Plan

Even before the day has started, it is important to have made a battle plan. Map out each point you will be discussing, even write a speech if you need to.

Dress to Impress

First impressions count! By looking professional your delegates are more likely to respect you and truly take an interest in what you are discussing.


Everyone loves a free goodie, and it’s the perfect way to begin your conference on the right foot.

It’s a simple way to promote your brand/company and people will remember the name.

Similarly, by providing complimentary items, such as a pad and pen, people have the opportunity to write down key notes, and refer back to your insightful knowledge at a later date.

Pre-engage With Delegates

If there is time to meet your delegates before your conference, I strongly suggest you do so. By learning people’s names, of even just using personal pronouns throughout your conference, your delegates will instantly feel more engaged and will be able to recognise your enthusiasm and interest in them as a person rather than a group.

Team Building

It is important that your delegates are ready to engage and listen, and a great way to start off a conference is a team building exercise.

Putting delegates into a small groups and creating competition creates energy, not just within your delegates, but in the room as well.

This will provide an atmosphere fit for a spirited conference and a comfortable atmosphere, which could result in more participation and interaction.

Explore New Technologies

When hosting a conference it is likely that people have seem the same technology and PowerPoints time and time again. There are hundreds of innovative companies and websites out there which can provide a fresh look for you conference materials so they don’t have to repetitive.

Consider Social Channels

Create a new hashtag, or even a Facebook/twitter page to create a buzz around your conference. You can also use it to keep your delegates in the loop about what is going on. Similarly it creates a platform for your delegates to keep in touch with each other.

Audience Participation

Getting your delegates involved in your conference can provide entertainment as well as engagement. With the average attention span varying from 7 to 10 minutes it can be beneficial to create a real time survey or live panels and forums. This way people have the ability to get involved and have them tell you their options and ask questions. 

Have Breaks and Provide Superfoods and Plenty of Water

It is essential to have plenty of breaks in order to keep people engaged. Providing superfoods and plenty of water will keep your delegates energy high for a longer period of time.

Ensure Needs Are Met

After the event you will most likely want to enjoy a nice meal and …  so will your delegates.  Either offer accommodation before the conference, or just make sure they have somewhere nice to stay after. This will leave your delegates with a great lasting impression of your event.